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Finding Purpose in Life

The purpose of life is far greater and bigger than our personal fulfillment, happiness and even our peace of mind. It is day greater than our career, family and even our wildest visions and intention.

Be a problem solver

As you know seeds are buried in fruits, so is solution buried in the problems. All you need to do is to rip the fruit open and patiently dissect it to take out the seeds.

Our individual actions, a collective victory

The letters of the Apostles to the various churches, they did not just raise issues of their conduct but gave them practical steps in dealing and overcoming the problems. This is what we ought to be doing, providing practical solutions to the world. We are not just called to light of this world because we are revealing the mistakes of the world, but to provide a solution.


Notice the Old Covenant prophets prophesied of the grace intended for us. This is the true grace that has been brought to us by Christ Jesus. The grace to come to us after His death, and the glories to follow us which were revealed to them were for us and not for them–the Old Covenant saints.

Understanding the LAW and GRACE (Part 1)

The revealing truth is, Christ who was full of grace and truth and dwelt among men, now has taken residence in us by His Spirit. And out of His fullness, we have received gifts, favor, blessings, and grace for every phase of our lives–John 1:14-16.

The blessing in coronavirus

This has been a blessing in a way, because it has forced denominations to reach out to a greater population than they use to. They are not just reaching out to their congregation in a building with limited boundary, but to the world without limitations. The species that are able to survive, are the ones that are adaptable to change.

Finding Joy and Peace in the face of suffering

This is not meant to minimize the genuine struggles that we are all going through. But we are to keep in perspective, and that means keeping God at the center of what is going on. This can be so hard! I often find that he is the last person I want to talk to when I am low. We should always always focus on the fact that God’s love and goodness will always be greater, last longer, than anything else we may be going through.

World at war, a call to all believers.

The world is deeply searching and in need of solution and answers to the effects of this weapon. It’s time to rise and point the world to the answer.
We can’t sit unconcern and think we are okay. Many lives have been taken, people who might not have even heard about love of God. This is not how the earth was created.

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