Worry not: 4 keys to overcome anxiety and depression.

How much we and how many of our worries are unfounded? Unhealthy worrying can disable us to the point of making us ineffective and unable to cope with life challenges. It can lead to depression. We worry about finances, family, marriage, children, sickness, viruses, unforeseen dangers, and many other things. Worry can also take a heavy toll on us.

1. Value yourself (Matthew 6:26)
To value, something goes beyond regarding it as important, but also recognize its virtues. People with high self-value appreciate their own better qualities.
Birds do not plant, do not harvest, do not store up food yet they do not go hungry. This is because they know and understand their value in the world and among creatures. They are just part of creation with a creation relationship, but Man is made in God’s image and has a father-child relationship.

2. Accept yourself (Matthew 6:27)
Worrying will not change anything. Not only does worry not change anything but add unnecessary stress to our day. We must accept our value and contribution to the world. God never created an unworthy and hopeless man or woman. He created and formed each one of us with a special purpose and intent. Accept yourself because you are created in His image and likeness. You are not a mistake or an unwanted being.

3. Give yourself a cause (Matthew 6:33)
Purpose-driven people begin their life and careers with a vision that orients them in the world and gives them a purpose: to either start a course or business or to write books.
Give yourself a cause by asking yourself questions such:
What was I created for?
Why am I doing what I’m doing?  Why does it matter that I created a business or write a book?
Whatever the nature of your aim, it will fuel your years. That is, you have to work hard and dream of arriving at your destination one day.
Discover your own space in this world or create your space and excel in it.

4. Pray (Philippians 4:6)
how do we deal with worry or anxiousness?
God tells us that we should do in His word.  Pray to Him with thanksgiving and make your request known to Him. No matter the problem or situation you are confronted with, pray. We sometimes think our problems look so big. This happens when we take our focus off God’s promises and rather put the focus on our problem. God is greatly bigger than any problem we face.
Take some time off, and say a short prayer to God concerning what is stressing you out.

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