Giving builds God’s Kingdom, the Church and Blesses us.

A GENEROUS WOMAN (2 KINGS 4:8-37; 8:1-6)

Around 850 BC, a wealthy woman in Shunem, about 5 miles south of Nazareth, one day asked Elisha the travelling prophet to eat at her home ( 2 Kings 4:8-10). He did so and her house soon became a regular stop whenever Elisha came through the area.
Helping Elisha must have somehow been rewarding to the woman, because she began to think of ways that she might be able to bless him even more. She told her husband that she wanted to build a small room in the house to give Elisha his own furnished room when he came. Then he would be able to come and relax there. What a blessing! And that’s exactly what they did.
This Shunamite woman was much like several families I have known in our church and elsewhere who have space in their homes that they developed largely to offer it to house missionaries while they are at home. They have generously spent their money and give their money and give their hospitality in the spirit of this Shunamite woman.
Now this woman didn’t do this to “get” anything.
She didn’t make a deal with God to build this room for Elisha, she didn’t expect certain things back from God.
She seemingly just gave as God led her.

But what happened? Elisha wondered aloud if there was a way that He could bless her, and his servant Gehazi mentioned that she didn’t have a son (2 Kings 4:11-13). Evidently it was a real desire of her heart that so far had not been fulfilled. So Elisha the prophet promised her a son. And God came through as Elisha promised!
This woman who had been childless had a bouncing baby boy! God is certainly a rewarder! The blessing of a child was a far greater blessing to her than she had even been to Elisha.

Let’s be generous because, generosity rewards.


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