Be a problem solver

Our chief duty in this world is to solve problems. In fact, you will be doomed the day you decide to stop solving problems. That day will be the beginning of your end. Your ability to solve as and when they come determines the height you can go in life and work. Problems are created by men and it would take men to solve them.

In fact, you are paid according to the number of problems you are able to solve. The size and magnitude of the problem you are solving determine the size of your reward.

As you know seeds are buried in fruits, so is solution buried in the problems. All you need to do is to rip the fruit open and patiently dissect it to take out the seeds.

As you delight in getting to the action spot and getting problems solved, you are adding to your value and leverage. The world is now looking for problem solvers and not problem creators

Always carry a stronger desire to solve problems no matter the odds. A good captain never abandons the ship in the midst of turbulence or crisis but guides it to safety.

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