Becoming What You Want To Be.

Becoming what you want to be requires that you do not listen to negative comments that will be made by your friends and relatives. Friends and relatives can easily discourage you from becoming what you want to be. The reason is that they do not see what you see and do not know your abilities and potentials.

David was not discouraged by the intimidation of his senior brothers and the posture of king Saul when he wanted to fight Goliath the giant, who kept terrorising the Israelites for 40 days (1 Samuel 17:26-33). He knew his strength, abilities and the God who was with him (1 Samuel 17:34-37).

Those that are easily discouraged are the ones who don’t know what they have, who they are and who lives on the inside of them or those who just lack self confidence. If you know Who is in you and the potentials that is placed in you, you will never be discouraged by anything. Not even by the external circumstances.

David knew that to become what he wanted to be, he must not allow his friends, family and external factors to discourage him from achieving his purpose. In order to defy the verdicts of those who condemn us to failure and defeat, we must be fully convinced and convicted of our dreams, abilities and potentials after it is discovered and developed.

No one was born a failure but the verdicts of men and circumstances which we accept makes us so. You have great potentials and abilities, arise and achieve that dream; believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in what you want to become, for God have given you the grace to see them come through.

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