The blessing in coronavirus

The month of March has been one that people will forever remember due to the dreadful effects of covid 19 in the world. The torment, fear and anxiety in the heart of men and women will still linger on. It will remembered for taking the life of love ones and also by people who were affected personally.

But what will the body of Christ remember it for? In the early days of the church, the apostles and christians were scattered and some forced into hiding because of persecution from the religious and political leaders of their time. Some were imprisoned for preaching the gospel. This forced some to move outside Israel to different communities and preached the gospel to them.

The persecution forced the christians in the early to move out of their limited jurisdiction, stepping into different nations of the world. Instead of the persecution to kill the church, it rather strengthen and brought increase in not just Israel but the surrounding nations.

As restrictions and bans have been placed on social gathering in some nations because of covid 19, the church has been affected forcing them to suspend meetings.
This development has forced the church to innovate in order to stay in touch with their congregation.

The church cannot and must not die. The church has now turned to the use of technology, using various social media platforms and email technology to stay in touch. Denominations are now having services being streamed live for their congregations.

This has been a blessing in a way, because it has forced denominations to reach out to a greater population than they use to. They are not just reaching out to their congregation in a building with limited boundary, but to the world without limitations.

The species that are able to survive, are the ones that are adaptable to change.

We are now united in purpose and have gone beyond our denominational mindset to a world mindset. This method of reaching out has come to stay and that is the wind of change blowing across denominations. We are taking the gospel to where majority of people spend their entire day. This is one of the best innovation in the body of Christ in response to a challenge. The church is taking on another shape in maturity, and the world is about to experience the best of the church.

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