Building Positive Character Traits part 1


Character is the sum of abilities to deal with the demands of reality as God designed us to over a period of time. The descriptive words used in describing someone’s personality, actions or behaviour can be termed as character traits. Everybody has character traits which may be good or bad.

Our traits reflects in how we handle relationships, our competence in what we  do, how we face the realities of life and finally how responsible we are. Our response to each determines how matured we are.

Using myself as an example and case study, let’s touch on the trait of responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to take ownership of one’s life (thoughts, words and actions). Responsibility is essential for becoming a healthy, professional and productive person, and it’s the foundation for a free community where we all do what is expected of us.

Growing up as a little boy, I never saw the need to take ownship of my life, due to fear of failure and the challenges of responsibility. I never wanted to be held responsible for anything whether good or bad and left the decisions of even my life to others because that’s the only way to escape the sight of mockers when I fail. As the the ten spies saw themselves as grasshoppers in the sight of others, so do I picture myself as a failure in the sight of others because of my humbling background. This character never allowed me to take opportunities and learn any lessons that life brought my way for growth and being responsible. I was stagnant in life like Adam who brought curse upon all creation by not owning up to his own mistake.

Upon my realization of this, I decided to take the challenge to be responsible with “little things” like putting my room in order, paying for my bills, being there for the family with a good attitude and owning up to my mistakes by not blaming others.

I can boldly say, by the little effort I have started putting into correcting the deficiency in my life, I’m preparing myself greater opportunities and and becoming a better leader who will sharp and influence others for godly future

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