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Order of authority – Godhead, man, Angels and demons

This further strengthens the fact that, the devil, evil spirits and fallen angels have no authority over the redeemed man, but his only authority is that which the redeemed man gives him.
In Christ man is elevated above angels and the Devil.

Significance of association [1]

Great men in life are products of correct associations, and certain failures in life have also been products of certain associations. There are some of us, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are if we did not meet certain people. Their presence opens us up to certain opportunities, whether good or bad.

Remembering a legend Archbishop Andrew Benson Idahosa

His contributions to man and society
Idahosa began Gospel Campaigns which spread everywhere throughout the nation as he built an ever-increasing number of houses of worship to win spirits to Christ. He spearheaded the foundation of more than 5,000 places of worship in Nigeria, Africa.

Resurrection Power Defeats COVID-19!

No matter the cause, resurrection power defeats COVID-19 in the lives of those who believe on the Lord Jesus and receive, by faith, redemption from the curse (which included the coronavirus from the beginning). Think of that. Jesus took the coronavirus on Himself 2,000 years ago—long before we ever knew it would exist. He knew it would. And He took it for us.

What Mentorship means

Mentoring is a very valuable process by which young people are trained or coached to become adequate in different fields of ambition. For instance, before young professionals are released to start on their own, experienced professionals in their field of study for years coach and mentor them.

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