Coronavirus To Totally Disappear – Prophet TB Joshua Declares

The founder and leader of the Synagogue Church of all nations, also known as SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua wrote on his verified Facebook page “TB Joshua ministries” on Tuesday, 2nd March 2020 that coronavirus will disappear.

Recall that in the early month February, news about a deadly incurable disease known as Coronavirus went viral across the globe. So far about thirty countries have reportedly been affected by the deadly disease.

So far, there has been no scientific cure for the virus but there has been public education on how the virus is transmitted and most countries across the globe are taking the necessary precautions which includes thoroughly scanning people who enter the country and also wearing of nose masks and gloves.

According to TB Joshua, the fearful virus which has caused fear and panic in the world will disappear the same way it came.

“Since yesterday, when the Lord brought the revelation about the rain and that this rain will wipe away the epidemic coronavirus, I asked the Lord to make this happen in the place where the coronavirus started which is Wuhan, China. Right now it is raining in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this rain is to wipe out this epidemic called coronavirus and it will continue till the end of this week. Whether you come in contact with the rain or not, it does not matter. The Lord said to me that it will rain and it is raining. Glory to God.” He wrote on his wall.

“In confirmation, someone living within Wuhan, china – the epicenter of the coronavirus contacted Emmanuel TV to explain that it has been raining in the city from morning until evening! It also started raining in Beijing, the capital city of China. Thank you, Jesus Christ!”
The Nigerian based Prophet further wrote.

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