Demonstrating God’s love.

If God’s love for me is base on my works or performance, I will be very insecure. For every time I messed up, I would worry that He can not love me anymore. However, I experience great security when I learn that God took the initiative to love and redeem the human race before we did anything good. However, God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

A deep realisation of how forgiven we are, how our shame have been dealt with, how much God has loved us – enables us and frees us to love others. We need to experience God’s love before we can truly love others with God’s kind of love. Jesus also implies that we will love others the same way we believe that He has loved us: conditionally or unconditionally.

I asked my son to take my pen, which fell to the ground from my pocket one evening as I arrived from work; he refused and went about his own business leaving me in a state of shock and anger. In some few minutes, his sister took his little ball from him. I heard him crying but chose to ignore him because of the earlier incident, at this point Romans 5:8 became so clear to me. Left with no option, but to demonstrate God’s unconditional love to my son, I finally intervened to solve the problem at hand. Loving people who are good is very easy than to love people who have offended me per my experience.

With this experience and knowledge of God’s love, which is not based on my performance, loving people especially family and church members as God loved me is not based on their performance or how good they are.

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