Father’s Day: why you need to celebrate your father


Is he not the son or daughter of the palm wine tapper, the child of the president, son of God or son of man, and so on? You will hear people ask.

So the question is; who then is a father?

Using different schools of thoughts, I will simply think of a father as “A life giver”. Genesis 5, Genesis 6:10.

Life-giver can be biological, which is causing conception in the woman to bring forth his kind (he even determines the sex of the baby). He brings life to a woman, rendering her not baren. He also gives identity to humanity (that’s why names are important to determine who you are and where you are coming from).

Or those who fathered lives by raising others, mentoring, and even helping people to find lost identities. Fathers protect support, motivates, defends, and gives their all to the next generation or life.

Do you know that it takes 72hours to regain the energy/blood, lost during a single sexual encounter?
An investment a father makes with their blood and strength.

He takes loans to set the wife up in business, (after paying bride price),   put a roof over his family’s head, pays for kids’ education, clothes, the sleepless nights thinking (sometimes crying secretly), praying and the list is unending. The father’s life is “giving always” even to the extent that, people see it as failure and offensive if a man is not able to do any of the above.

 The truth is that, “no matter what life turned out to be, and no matter what your father did or did not do to/for you, HE GAVE YOU A LIFE AND AN IDENTITY”. 

 It is therefore so important to appreciate every little effort (seen or unseen, told or untold), of any father figure, whether biological, political, spiritual (our pastors, leaders, coaches, and teachers), and recognize that God the creator of the universe, who is himself our Adonai (personal intimate father), cares so much about us to have given to us earthly fathers to represent him.

A father is the source of all humanity. That life he gave you represents all that he could have become, and the love he might or might not have received (if you have been disrespectful or angry at him, you just disconnected from your source, ask him to forgive you if he’s alive). FATHERS ARE THE MOST FORGIVING CREATURES ON EARTH IF YOU ASK IN REMORSE.

 It’s important to note that “THE LIFE YOU CELEBRATE ELEVATES YOU” (Malachi 1:6). There’s always an untold blessing that is emitted or released when you honor a father.

 Look around and be thankful for a Father’s Love (though you might not have seen it), as you celebrate them on this special occasion of father’s day.

By Twum-Barimah Ernest #thespicemusichub

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