God called, he answered!

On the road Philip encountered an Ethiopian eunuch. This man was an African of significant political and social stature, apparently serving as treasurer for the queen of Ethiopia. Since he had been to Jerusalem and was reading the Prophet Isaiah, it is safe to assume that he was a proselyte or a God-fearer. A proselyte was a gentile who had accepted Judaism and had been circumcised. A God fearer was a non-jew who actively attended a jewish synagogue and accepted the Hebrew Bible as Holy Scripture.
Upon seeing the Ethiopian, Philip was instructed by the angel to “……approach this carriage and stay with it.” Acts 8:29. “…..so he did.” Acts 8:27. I wonder how many times God has asked us to do something and “so we did.” For us, it is sometimes full of excuses.
Philip did nothing without instructions from God. While I often delay my response when God calls me to serve, I am also guilty of sometimes getting ahead of God or even worse. I go down roads God has not called me to walk on. I plunge ahead, expecting God to be there with me.

Philip teaches us to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We need to stay plugged in through prayer, meditation and spiritual reflection. We need to be ready to go without delay, but we also need to go where God calls, not where we desire. The problem for many of us is that we are not always clear about God’s instructions as Philip seemed to be. I am always sure which road to take. It is important to wait on God for instructions, but of course, this is no excuses to wait for such perfect clarity that I move ahead on the road God calls me to travel.

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