Numbers 13:1-30
The children of Israel were encamped in the wilderness of Paran and God told Moses to send a leader from every tribe to spy out the land, out of the twelve spies that were sent, ten brought evil report (words) which caused all the Israelites fear and lost of faith.
Self-depreciation. They saw themselves as tiny, little grasshoppers who would be crushed by big giants (Numbers 13:33)
Fear naturally follows doubt, and it can paralyze us from doing what we ought to do (Numbers 14:9)

1. Pessimism. Negativism is one of the devil’s most powerful tools and it set in as they tried to evaluate their trip.

2. Irrationality. The ten spies were masters at using emotional scare tactics to arouse the people (Numbers 14:1-2). Their evil report sparked terror in the hearts of the nation of Isreal.

It took Caleb’s courage, confidence, faith, obedience, optimism and rationality to change the minds of the Israelites to enter into Canaan, the land of Honey and Milk.

Exodus 3:6-22
God called and used Moses to deliver the Israelites from bondage…

Joshua 13:1-10
God used Joshua to bring back the inheritance of the tribe of Levi…

Mathew 3:1-17
John the Baptist introduced Jesus Christ to the multitude and that he is much greater than he…
Acts 9:27

Barnabas introduced Paul (Saul) to the disciples
At every dispensation, God appoints one person to make a difference.

God is still using one person to make a change in nations, churches, communities; villages etc, if you are that one person don’t allow that grace to be taken away from you.
Satan is also doing serious selection for destruction because he also believes in the power of one.

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