Christ finished work provides us blessings, healing, prosperity, peace etc, THAT WE ACCESS BY FAITH, AND NOT BY OUR GOOD DEEDS. God doesn’t reward us with anything we already have in Christ by grace. Therefore, the believer who wants to enjoy any provision must freely access it by faith, AND NOT BY WORKS.

We respond to God GRACIOUSNESS AND KINDNESS by our love and good deeds to RECEIVE ETERNAL REWARDS, and not to access what CHRIST HAS ALREADY PURCHASED FOR US IN HIS REDEMPTIVE WORK. The believer doesn’t sow seed or tithe to be blessed, healed or receive any breakthrough. We give back to God as expression of our love and as an act of worship.

WE’RE ALREADY BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVOURED IN CHRIST. LEARN TO WALK IN THIS GRACE! Don’t try to earn anything that is freely given to you in Christ by works.


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