Made in the Image of Christ

Men and women are all components that exist in God. Separating them is an act of His sovereignty and wisdom in order to show the world the multifaceted dimensions that is found in Him, because in [Genesis 1:26], the woman was still in the man when God pronounced the dominion word, that is why gender is not an excuse for you not to walk in dominion.
When God was blessing man, He said “let them”, He had not done the separation yet. So the ability that was given for the dominion of man was also involved in woman and then the separation only came because God wanted to show their unique characteristics. So every lady is a reflection of a dimension found in God, every man is a reflection of a dimension that is contained in God. The world with men alone will rob humanity of a dimension we will never be able to see. The world with women alone will also rob the world of a dimension, so the harmonious existence of man and woman is what gave us a possibility that there can be reproduction, and that there is ability in God to reproduce Himself in others. What was God’s idea behind the distinguishing of a man and a woman? Man was supposed to be His medium, because the Bible says that God made man and Adam named the animals. Do you realize that it was not Adam’s opinion to have a woman? He did not go to God and said, “LORD, I need a woman”. He did not even know that there is such a possibility that you can have an opposite sex to relate with, it was totally God’s idea. God would have created an angel or a musician to keep Adam from being lonely.

He said it is not good for man, in other words, my dimension will not be complete until there is another that completes the equation. That is why God caused man to sleep, and out of that man, He took the other side, and made a woman. This is just an introduction to help us understand the society. The women are angry because they feel marginalized by society and are forming all kinds of foundations and associations. Everybody is rising up, and the men are saying, “Are you joking, we are the heads”, and so there is a contention.
This is to reveal the position and organogram, the strategy of God, according to His design, made for a man and a woman, and if you learn to stand in that posture in the Spirit, then you will reflect the character of Christ, as far as gender is concerned. If women assume a certain posture, they will be misrepresenting the dimension of Christ, because her composition does not permit her to walk in that posture. For instance, the Bible says that the man is the head of his wife; the Bible did not say the man is the head of women.
Many people do not read scripture and they go ahead seeing every woman everywhere and want to show authority. He was talking about a family relationship. Therefore, you do not just step into another person’s house and command the woman, “Give me water!” No, it does not work that way, a man is the head of his wife.

That is why the church is called the bride of Christ. If you give your life to Christ, you submit to the governing authority of Jesus who is your groom. So Jesus who is the husband of the bride called the church, now becomes the head of that wife called His bride. When you look at it from the perspective of family, it is called responsibility. What then is responsibility?
Responsibility is the ability to understand the cost component of life, to realize that for everything in life, there is sacrifice, there is cost, that someone must pay a price for something to happen.
The dimension of man according to the design of God was supposed to reveal resilience, endurance and strength. This is why a man by his design, when he runs away from challenges, he is not revealing the dimension of God. This is why in ancient times, during war, they kept the women and children home, and the man who is supposed to reveal the dimension of God as a warrior, go for battles. They are designed to survive pain; in their make up is the ability to stand pressure. The dimension of God placed in a man is that dimension that helps him respond to honour, power and influence.
These are all dimensions found in God, but He poured it in a person called a “man”, so that if you find yourself walking in that dimension, you will be revealing something about Christ.

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