Understanding Ministry Gifts

Eph 4:8 KJV Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

Ministry gifts are people with a divine call, empowered to fit into a particular work. They are gifts given by God Himself through His son. This divine call upon ones life is the anointing or power to to do. Ministry gift is not based on once natural abilities or talents, but on the Power of God. 
One great lesson I have learnt, is not just to know I am called, but to also know I am anointed for the very task I have been called to do. The anointing is to validate the call upon my life. Because God does not just give task to be accomplished, but also equips us with the necessary tools to accomplish that task. And the tool He equipped us with is the anointing (the gifts of the Holy Spirit ).
Because ministry is work, I have learnt to be prepared for every task that is required and demanded of me. In other words, we must be determined to do the right thing first by submitting ourself to the One Who called us, be prepared to serve and to be trained.

Ministry gifts are to compliment each other. One ministry gift is not sufficient in itself, and will need the compliment of other ministry gifts to function effectively and bring the perfect work of God to manifestation and completion. The task given to us by God, happens to be just a part of His vision.
The goal of ministry is not for our own edification and profit, but to perfect the saints of God by bringing them to maturity and to edify the Body of Christ. The purpose of ministry have not changed and will never change.

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