The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Godhead. The Godhead is made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God and called as we see in book of Acts 5:3-4 and also possess all the qualities of God.

Knowing the Holy Spirit as a person have been of great help and have been available and accessible anytime I reached out to Him. Having a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit have transformed how I handle issues and see things. The Holy Spirit was promised me by God through His son Jesus as “one called to one side to help” John 14:16-17. Having this assurance and promise of the Father for me concerning the Holy Spirit, who lives and dwells in me now as a helper is refreshing.

The Holy Spirit as a helper does not make Him equal to a house help or an assistant to a boss, but he is a helper in the sense of “access to my heavenly Father”. The word of God tells us about how the Holy Spirit searches the mind of God and makes them known to us. He is more than a surfboard of a surfer to me, enabling me surf through the will, purpose and intent of God.

Walking with the Holy Spirit as my has been one of humility since it takes a lot of humility, submission and acknowledgement to receive from Him. By my experience with Him, a proud and self centered person can never receive His help and counsel. Knowing Him have helped me pray in God’s will and purpose, walk in God’s will and purpose and know the intent of God for my life.

For instance, one night while having a troubled heart and burdened over how life hadn’t been fair to me, I felt the Holy Spirit asking me to pray in the language of the Spirit. As I started in obedience and continued for about fifteen minutes, I began feeling a sense of peace and God’s love all around me. Having this experience all of a sudden gave me an understanding of how God had always loved me, but I have chosen to focus on the the wrong picture of my life. The Holy Spirit at that minute searched the mind of God for me and made it know to me. That’s all I needed at moment, my Father’s love and I had it thankfully by the help of Holy Spirit.

The help of the Helper is real, never underestimate or look down on Him.

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