Principles of Prayer

Prayer is an invitation from God to communicate and fellowship as recorded in the book Isaiah 1:18 . The general need of every man is fellowship. We talk to God and listen to Him talk back to us in prayer. Prayer brings us in touch with God.
But for our prayers to be effective and fervent (James 5:16 ), we need to be guided by the rules or principles of prayer. If our prayers are not guided by principles, it tends to backfire and not produce results or answers. We waste precious time and strength when we do not allow the principles outlined in the word of God guide us in prayer.
Answered prayer does not just happen because of long speeches or how good we are in speaking grammar, how best we can shout, cry or be emotional or how best we repeat words (Matthew 6:5-7), thinking it is by this we will be heard. We don’t just rush into prayer but it takes time to find a scriptural bases, meditate on this scripture in other to build our faith and pray with boldness.
Prayer can be in a form of praise or worship, prayer of agreement  Matthew 18:19, prayer of intercession Genesis 18:23-32, prayer of supplication Philippians 4:8, prayer of commitment 1 Peter 5:7, prayer of consecration Matthew 26:36-46, United prayer Acts 4 or in the form of prayer of faith John 15:7. These forms of prayer has it own principles and purpose, when the principles to each are applied rightly, answers are released.
On the 30th of November 2018, whiles retiring to bed after a great Sunday of church activities and spending time with the family, my wife tapped me on the hand in an attempt to get my attention, I responded only for her to inform me about how she is feeling in her body. “What!” I said silently. In other to continue my sleep, I just offered a prayer of faith based on James 5:14 for her. Putting myself in the place of an elder and leader of the family, I said “receive your wholeness healing in your body in Jesus name, thank you Lord” and continued my sleep. I woke the next morning to find my wife in great joy and blessing the name of the Lord. I tried getting answers to this joy and she informed me about how she received her healing right after I offered the prayer of faith for healing.
Hallelujah, when we believe in our heart (not our head) the promises of God and finished works of Christ for us, and speak it forth, answers are released. The prayer of faith can be prayed by all, even if you are baby in Christ you will get results, 1 John 5:14-15.

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