Respect in the 21st century


It is true some relationships do not go the way we sometimes want it to. At times the greatest need in making the magic happen is to change our mindset.
One of the major ways of building a positive attitude towards people is to respect them. Respect flows from how we see and view people and things. In other to respect people and even love them, we must choose to see them as the image of God.
When you choose the attitude of respect, the conduct or behavior of people doesn’t matter much, because you’ve chosen to base your respect on their value as image bearers of God.
Because we have chosen the attitude of respect, our behavior towards people changes to do good, make impact and to also build healthy relationships.
Although there might be times of frictions, look for the best mediums and solutions to it. Genesis 13:6-9.
Respecting people makes you manifest and reflect God’s ultimate purpose in creating humanity, that is interpersonal relationship.
We will never impose our will on others, when we show respect we will rather build concessions for peaceful environment.

“Respect is the bridge that unites opinions, cultures, tribes, colors, denominations and languages.”

Let’s respect each other’s view, treat people as our body and build a tension free environment.

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