Rewards of Discipline.

The journey to becoming what you want must start with discipline and must end with discipline. It is easy to lead others, but one of the most difficult people to lead is yourself. Success starts with discipline, maintained and sustained with discipline. Success in life, business, education and anything we can think of starts with self discipline.

Every successful person we know or heard of is having a self disciplined life. Successful sport men and women, businessmen and women, students and brands go the extra mile to discipline themselves in other to achieve stated goals and dreams.

Lack of self control has been the cause of many aborted dreams. Lack of discipline has ended many dreams, visions and ambitions mid way. Indiscipline has brought the dreams and ambitions of many men, women, boys and girls into the grave.

Your talent, education, skills and charisma can open doors for you and even take you to the top. But indiscipline will bring you all the way down, making you lose opportunities.

You can either choose to be like Gehazi, the servant of Elisha ( 1 kings 5:20-27) who aborted his dream of becoming a great and powerful Prophet of God, or to be like Joseph a young man who mastered the art of self discipline by focusing on his dream and not allowing some minutes of pleasure kill it.

Joseph had consistent a life of discipline morally and financially, and he understood that his value is more than what they are offering him or will offer him. As we pursue our dreams and ambitions, we must understand that, there is no shortcuts to greatness and success.

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