Our lives is made up of seasons

There have been times in our lives when my prayers have been answered easily and God’s promises have come to pass almost straight away. But there have been other periods when the reverse is true. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us, our lives are made up of seasons. We should all remember that our lives comprise a number of different seasons of varying lengths.
For example, during winter, things tend to be difficult: everything dies, there is no growth and few things bear fruit.

Seasons are part of our lives because, that’s how God created it. Every season has it’s purpose therefore we cannot do away with it.

We can spot these seasons running right through scripture. For example, in the days of Joseph in Egypt, there was a time of plenty and a time of famine. There was a time of silence between the end of Malachi and the beginning of John the Baptist, a long and difficult time for God’s people.

We often panic, feel bad and even get very disillusioned during the difficult seasons, and mostly the problem is that we do not realize the season we are in. If we did, we would realize that the difficult time will be followed by spring, a time of warmth and rapid growth.

When we are wanting to see God’s promises fulfilled in our lives, we need to remember that, some may be slower to come about in our lives depending on the season we find ourselves in.

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