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Graciously in Christ, the Father Himself has anointed us. Besides the anointing on ministry gifts that we have received, we all have been made kings and priests unto God. And the Father Himself has consecrated us into these offices in Christ.


Ever wondered how Esther won the heart of the King? This was possible because she sought knowledge from the people who had been with the King. Whiles the other ladies were busy depending on their own knowledge, Esther followed and submitted to the knowledge of her leader and someone who has been in the palace and knew the King.

Apostle Paul: How to Achieve your Goals and Objectives

To reach that goal, though, would not be easy. Paul saw it as a serious task that would require strict discipline and self-control. He underscored this by comparing the Christian life and ministry with an athletic race. This analogy would be easy for the church in Corinth to understand because of the games that were held in their city ever every two years.

Fear and Anxiety: How to overcome Fear

The Holy Spirit in us brings us into fellowship with God the Father. The Holy Spirit does not build fear in us because, where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty and freedom.
For you have not received a spirit of slavery that leads you into fear again. Instead, you have received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba! Father!”. -Romans 8:15 (ISV)

Grace: Understanding the true Grace of God.

God revealed the grace intended for us to the Old Testament prophets, and they prophesied of it. What was revealed to them  created curiosity that even angels desired to look into it. Know this, it was revealed to the Old Testament saints, but it was not meant for them. Thus they never experienced this grace in their time.

Resurrection Power Defeats COVID-19!

No matter the cause, resurrection power defeats COVID-19 in the lives of those who believe on the Lord Jesus and receive, by faith, redemption from the curse (which included the coronavirus from the beginning). Think of that. Jesus took the coronavirus on Himself 2,000 years ago—long before we ever knew it would exist. He knew it would. And He took it for us.

Becoming What You Want To Be.

No one was born a failure but the verdicts of men and circumstances which we accept makes us so. You have great potentials and abilities, arise and achieve that dream; believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in what you want to become, for God have given you the grace to see them come through.

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