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Worry not: 4 keys to overcome anxiety and depression.

Worrying will not change anything. Not only does worry not change anything but add unnecessary stress to our day. We must accept our value and contribution to the world. God never created an unworthy and hopeless man or woman. He created and formed each one of us with a special purpose and intent. Accept yourself because you are created in His image and likeness. You are not a mistake or an unwanted being.


Just like their days, today, the world is faced with a question for which we have no material answer – COVID19! Nations have given up and lost all hope, as they cannot explain COVID19. Yet the spread of death to regions is not moved NOR deterred by the powerlessness of modern intelligence and science to curb the threat. The question is, WHO HAS THE ANSWER? 

Understanding Pastoral Counseling

Counseling is very important in everyone’s life especially to believers because God never meant for Christians to live alone. The number of difficulties in life can at times be overwhelming. But this is no surprise to Jesus, who told us that in this world would be trouble. But he also told us to take heart, for he has overcome the world.


Bible recorded that Abraham had a faithful walk with God even when the promise for him to be a Father of many nations seemed never to come to pass. Abraham held on to God and his promise and had his son Isaac, through whom we had Isreal,a great nation.

Demonstrating God’s love.

A deep realisation of how forgiven we are, how our shame have been dealt with, how much God has loved us – enables us and frees us to love others. We need to experience God’s love before we can truly love others with God’s kind of love. Jesus also implies that we will love others the same way we believe that He has loved us: conditionally or unconditionally.

Love does not Prejudge

Too often we Christians are content talking about love as if it were only a noun, but love is also a verb; it is something we do. When we recognize Jesus as our High Priest who died on the cross on our behalf, we have to do something. The something we have to do is keep God’s commandments. Jesus taught us that we should begin by keeping the first and the second which is the greatest of all.

He cares, cast your burdens upon Him

If animals which are lower being, have genuine concern and love their little ones, then how much more our maker and creator. Beloved you and I are His children, and exact expression(image) of Him and He cares.
Our God is not wicked and bump, neither does He rejoice nor delight in our pain and troubles.
1Pe 5:7 KJV Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Love, an expression of God’s image

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take away any mindset that comes from the world system, which is not consistent with the word of God. It redefines us and turns away our attention from the image of Christ. As we relate with the mutual understanding of God’s image in a man and a woman, we will present a perfect picture to the world

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