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A leader is a principal chief captain, guide, master, director, and so on. Leadership is usually an intriguing journey even on a normal day, thinking ahead, planning ahead
of time and forecasting by experience and studying in the past, present predictions of experts.

2020 will be remembered as the year the earth stood still – Mensa Otabil

“So while we are concerned about the health hazard, its time for us to think about how to bounce back from the impact that it has had on us, on our jobs, on our businesses on our social interactions and our whole view of life. So much of what I say is to encourage you to know how to face life through this catastrophe that has befallen our world.”

Resurrection Power Defeats COVID-19!

No matter the cause, resurrection power defeats COVID-19 in the lives of those who believe on the Lord Jesus and receive, by faith, redemption from the curse (which included the coronavirus from the beginning). Think of that. Jesus took the coronavirus on Himself 2,000 years ago—long before we ever knew it would exist. He knew it would. And He took it for us.


Just like their days, today, the world is faced with a question for which we have no material answer – COVID19! Nations have given up and lost all hope, as they cannot explain COVID19. Yet the spread of death to regions is not moved NOR deterred by the powerlessness of modern intelligence and science to curb the threat. The question is, WHO HAS THE ANSWER? 

Our individual actions, a collective victory

The letters of the Apostles to the various churches, they did not just raise issues of their conduct but gave them practical steps in dealing and overcoming the problems. This is what we ought to be doing, providing practical solutions to the world. We are not just called to light of this world because we are revealing the mistakes of the world, but to provide a solution.

The blessing in coronavirus

This has been a blessing in a way, because it has forced denominations to reach out to a greater population than they use to. They are not just reaching out to their congregation in a building with limited boundary, but to the world without limitations. The species that are able to survive, are the ones that are adaptable to change.

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