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Don’t marry someone who is stingy. There are so many expenses to cater to in marriage. A stingy guy in courtship won’t suddenly become a generous husband in marriage. Don’t marry a lady that has the financial philosophy of ‘My husband’s money is our money, but my money is my money’. Marry someone who believes in the dignity of labor, who is ready to work, not a lazy fellow who just wants to be a consumer and not a contributor. Marry someone who is ready to spend on the growth and success of the family.

Significance of association [2]

There are certain people that should only stay in the vicinity of the outer court of your life, they have no business passing beyond the outer court. You cannot afford to be friends with everybody. There are many of us who are so weak-willed, we are friends to everybody when God has spoken to you about certain associations. When God gives you an instruction and you don’t obey, you won’t hear His voice again, you will be hearing other voices.


Just like their days, today, the world is faced with a question for which we have no material answer – COVID19! Nations have given up and lost all hope, as they cannot explain COVID19. Yet the spread of death to regions is not moved NOR deterred by the powerlessness of modern intelligence and science to curb the threat. The question is, WHO HAS THE ANSWER? 

Becoming What You Want To Be.

No one was born a failure but the verdicts of men and circumstances which we accept makes us so. You have great potentials and abilities, arise and achieve that dream; believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in what you want to become, for God have given you the grace to see them come through.

Understanding Pastoral Counseling

Counseling is very important in everyone’s life especially to believers because God never meant for Christians to live alone. The number of difficulties in life can at times be overwhelming. But this is no surprise to Jesus, who told us that in this world would be trouble. But he also told us to take heart, for he has overcome the world.

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