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7 things that require Zero talent

As with anything else, it takes additional time and effort to go the extra mile. Believe me, when I say  this strategy when applied to work, and life will pay you dividends. If you are okay with being ordinary,  simply follow the path of ordinary people. But if you want to be exceptional and extraordinary, follow the examples of extraordinary people.
Always make more effort than what is expected of you to be successful.


Ever wondered how Esther won the heart of the King? This was possible because she sought knowledge from the people who had been with the King. Whiles the other ladies were busy depending on their own knowledge, Esther followed and submitted to the knowledge of her leader and someone who has been in the palace and knew the King.

Apostle Paul: How to Achieve your Goals and Objectives

To reach that goal, though, would not be easy. Paul saw it as a serious task that would require strict discipline and self-control. He underscored this by comparing the Christian life and ministry with an athletic race. This analogy would be easy for the church in Corinth to understand because of the games that were held in their city ever every two years.

Father’s Day: why you need to celebrate your father

 It is therefore so important to appreciate every little effort (seen or unseen, told or untold), of any father figure, whether biological, political, spiritual (our pastors, leaders, coaches, and teachers), and recognize that God the creator of the universe, who is himself our Adonai (personal intimate father), cares so much about us to have given to us earthly fathers to represent him.

The blessing in coronavirus

This has been a blessing in a way, because it has forced denominations to reach out to a greater population than they use to. They are not just reaching out to their congregation in a building with limited boundary, but to the world without limitations. The species that are able to survive, are the ones that are adaptable to change.

Becoming What You Want To Be.

No one was born a failure but the verdicts of men and circumstances which we accept makes us so. You have great potentials and abilities, arise and achieve that dream; believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in what you want to become, for God have given you the grace to see them come through.

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