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My heart’s desire and prayer to God is, ministers will begin to appreciate the importance of impartation and give this act its rightful place in the Church as the Spirit leads.
There are three major ways by which impartation happens to us. A divine impartation or transfer may come directly from God upon believers for them to fulfill a common goal. For instance, when the burden of leadership was becoming too heavy on Moses’ life, he cried out to God about this. God’s response was to get Moses to gather together 70 men of the elders of Israel (Numbers 11:16 – 17).

Agyin-Asares renew vows as they celebrate 35 years of marriage

Bishop Agyin-Asare said even though some people wonder if vow renewals are necessary, “for me it is like rededicating your life to the Lord. I think that it matters to affirm to your wife and assure her or your husband that: ‘Look, the years ahead of us, we’re going to spend it together’. And, as you do, God will confirm your word because what you say is what you get”.

Father’s Day: why you need to celebrate your father

 It is therefore so important to appreciate every little effort (seen or unseen, told or untold), of any father figure, whether biological, political, spiritual (our pastors, leaders, coaches, and teachers), and recognize that God the creator of the universe, who is himself our Adonai (personal intimate father), cares so much about us to have given to us earthly fathers to represent him.

Remembering a legend Archbishop Andrew Benson Idahosa

His contributions to man and society
Idahosa began Gospel Campaigns which spread everywhere throughout the nation as he built an ever-increasing number of houses of worship to win spirits to Christ. He spearheaded the foundation of more than 5,000 places of worship in Nigeria, Africa.

The Ancient Path

There were certain ancient secrets our fathers understood that granted them access to deep and awesome things of God. The Bible makes us understand that, when Jesus entered a space, he didn’t use any form publicity, but the Bible said they heard of Him. How they heard of Him, we do not know. The Bible says men came and the room was full and the power of God was present to heal, and the people were so expectant, they were so sure they will be healed. There were a group of people who came and cut through roof, because of the assurance and desperation they had.

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