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Who is the devil in your life?

For some of us, the people we thought that loved us are the people who stabbed us in the back, and the people we thought nothing good will come out of, are the people we are meeting now. When you find the gift of genuine men, don’t be embarrassed to keep that relationship, if it makes you a fool to keep it, do it.

What is the Purpose of my Gift

Every person in our life, organisations and church is a gift who brings to add to the body of Christ. We need all of these members and their gifts, and they need us. Christians know they need Jesus, but they may not realize they need other Christians. We are not made for ourselves, rather we were made to serve Christ by serving his His body, that is the Church. We are loved and filled with purpose. The Church needs us as much as we need the Church.

Significance of association [2]

There are certain people that should only stay in the vicinity of the outer court of your life, they have no business passing beyond the outer court. You cannot afford to be friends with everybody. There are many of us who are so weak-willed, we are friends to everybody when God has spoken to you about certain associations. When God gives you an instruction and you don’t obey, you won’t hear His voice again, you will be hearing other voices.


Just like their days, today, the world is faced with a question for which we have no material answer – COVID19! Nations have given up and lost all hope, as they cannot explain COVID19. Yet the spread of death to regions is not moved NOR deterred by the powerlessness of modern intelligence and science to curb the threat. The question is, WHO HAS THE ANSWER? 

Our individual actions, a collective victory

The letters of the Apostles to the various churches, they did not just raise issues of their conduct but gave them practical steps in dealing and overcoming the problems. This is what we ought to be doing, providing practical solutions to the world. We are not just called to light of this world because we are revealing the mistakes of the world, but to provide a solution.

Becoming What You Want To Be.

No one was born a failure but the verdicts of men and circumstances which we accept makes us so. You have great potentials and abilities, arise and achieve that dream; believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in what you want to become, for God have given you the grace to see them come through.


Bible recorded that Abraham had a faithful walk with God even when the promise for him to be a Father of many nations seemed never to come to pass. Abraham held on to God and his promise and had his son Isaac, through whom we had Isreal,a great nation.

Boast in God, because all things are yours

“How prone we are to be associated with men and to glory in men! We are more excited about being with the influential and famous of this world than about being with God. We value the gifts and honours of men more than the gifts and honour God gives.”
Our glory and boast is not in the arm of men. Men may fail us but God does not. Man may promise and not deliver, but the promises of God are yes and amen.

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