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7 things that require Zero talent

As with anything else, it takes additional time and effort to go the extra mile. Believe me, when I say  this strategy when applied to work, and life will pay you dividends. If you are okay with being ordinary,  simply follow the path of ordinary people. But if you want to be exceptional and extraordinary, follow the examples of extraordinary people.
Always make more effort than what is expected of you to be successful.


Ever wondered how Esther won the heart of the King? This was possible because she sought knowledge from the people who had been with the King. Whiles the other ladies were busy depending on their own knowledge, Esther followed and submitted to the knowledge of her leader and someone who has been in the palace and knew the King.

Who is the devil in your life?

For some of us, the people we thought that loved us are the people who stabbed us in the back, and the people we thought nothing good will come out of, are the people we are meeting now. When you find the gift of genuine men, don’t be embarrassed to keep that relationship, if it makes you a fool to keep it, do it.

Remembering a legend Archbishop Andrew Benson Idahosa

His contributions to man and society
Idahosa began Gospel Campaigns which spread everywhere throughout the nation as he built an ever-increasing number of houses of worship to win spirits to Christ. He spearheaded the foundation of more than 5,000 places of worship in Nigeria, Africa.

What Mentorship means

Mentoring is a very valuable process by which young people are trained or coached to become adequate in different fields of ambition. For instance, before young professionals are released to start on their own, experienced professionals in their field of study for years coach and mentor them.

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