What is the ABC of salvation

The word salvation means, redemption, deliverance from danger, safety, restoration and healing,or snatching from evil. The only thing that is left for the world which is sin full is judgment. And it’s only a sacrifice by death that could avert this damnation.

Victory over Sin. Part 2

Sin, no matter how private we think it may be, always has public consequences. And sin, no matter how “small” we convince ourselves it is, affects our relationship with God. For this reason, Paul said we are not to offer any parts of our bodies for sin’s use.
Instead, Paul instructed us to “yield ourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead.” As we surrender ourselves daily to Christ, He not only gives us power to overcome temptation, He continually works in us to heal our desires. As we grow in Him, we simply no longer want what sin has to offer. As we follow Him, the temptations of sin and death no longer grab our attention.

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