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Don’t marry someone who is stingy. There are so many expenses to cater to in marriage. A stingy guy in courtship won’t suddenly become a generous husband in marriage. Don’t marry a lady that has the financial philosophy of ‘My husband’s money is our money, but my money is my money’. Marry someone who believes in the dignity of labor, who is ready to work, not a lazy fellow who just wants to be a consumer and not a contributor. Marry someone who is ready to spend on the growth and success of the family.

Father’s Day: why you need to celebrate your father

 It is therefore so important to appreciate every little effort (seen or unseen, told or untold), of any father figure, whether biological, political, spiritual (our pastors, leaders, coaches, and teachers), and recognize that God the creator of the universe, who is himself our Adonai (personal intimate father), cares so much about us to have given to us earthly fathers to represent him.

What it means to be Submissive.

Submitting or being in subjection to your own husband does not make you inferior. This is not slavery, but rather God’s plan for order in the home. Just as the human body or organizations may not function effectively with many heads in control, so is the home. Everything has been designed to have one head, in other to function effectively.

The Women of old

“A woman is like a tea bag, you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.
Let’s strive and pray to be women of wisdom like Abigail, the wife of Nabal who saved her home instead of tearing it down. With our strength, we can save and build homes, communities, nations and the world at large. Let’s not be okay with how culture and the world is defining us. When we start shinning in own corners, the world will turn it’s attention on us and our impact will recorded in history. A shinning star can never be hidden. All these women had their weaknesses, but they never concentrated on that, but rather turned that into strength and history will always have a place for them in it’s records.

Love, an expression of God’s image

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take away any mindset that comes from the world system, which is not consistent with the word of God. It redefines us and turns away our attention from the image of Christ. As we relate with the mutual understanding of God’s image in a man and a woman, we will present a perfect picture to the world

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