The Ancient Path

As we journey in the things of the Spirit, it is important for our heart to be set and to be opened, because as the Word of God begins to interact with our spirit, there is an illumination upon our spirit. When this light enters our spirit, we are empowered to become what the word says we should become.

Every time we listen to the word, we are not educating ourselves, but there is impartation and illumination in our heart. History records that people like us walked upon this land and lived in an extraordinary way. Men and women did mighty and awesome things.
The Bible and church history gives account of men and women, generals of the faith who came into
intimacy with the Holy Spirit and accessed deep dimensions of the Spirit that is not common in our generation.
Look at someone like Elijah, who was walking with Elisha, and when he got to the Jordan River, he just parted it. He didn’t need any negotiation or discussion. The Bible never records Elisha in awe or surprised. It meant miracles was a normal occurance.

Many believers fail to step into the deep things and dimensions of the Spirit, because there is a secret we fail to search and know.
There were certain ancient secrets our fathers understood that granted them access to deep and awesome things of God. The Bible makes us understand that, when Jesus entered a space, he didn’t use any form publicity, but the Bible said they heard of Him. How they heard of Him, we do not know. The Bible says men came and the room was full and the power of God was present to heal, and the people were so expectant, they were so sure they will be healed. There were a group of people who came and cut through roof, because of the assurance and desperation they had.

Great dimensions of faith recorded in scripture. The Bible in Hebrews 11, gives us an archive of great things, the Bible talks about women who received their dead back to life, talked about men who shut the mouth of lions, great men who subdued kingdoms and conquered territories. Ancient secrets that our fathers had, a path and a direction they walked in. Many things we discuss today were not discussed by the men of old. For instance they never had conversations about trying to hear the voice of God, it was natural, by default. We organize conferences and teach “how to sharpen our sensor”, but the least among the men of old walked in realms of accuracy.

Through activity of the religion, we have lost certain paths that great men and generals of faith walked in. Generals like Archbishop Benson Idahosa, Kathryn Kuhlman, John G. Lake, men and women who understood the Holy Ghost, they understood certain ancient principles of the anointing. There are certain things we need to understand if we want to rule and reign, ancient secrets.
The Bible talks to us about Philip, how that at a certain time, the Spirit took him and he appeared somewhere. There are great men and women walking in those dimensions, men like Joshua Mills, who was quietly sitting and praying, the next thing the LORD told him “Go into an elevator”, and he went there and suddenly he found himself in China, he went for a meeting, ministered to the people and came back and just saw himself in his room. There are depths, there are heights, there are dimensions, there are realms.
The Bible talks about Enoch, he walked with God and experienced certain levels and heights of intimacy that this earth was not worthy to carry him.

In the Bible, Jesus did not pray for the twelve disciples many times, they did not have an impartation service, but the disciples carried an anointing, how did it get to them. Today, we have all manner of prayer meetings and there is little energy generated in the spirit. We have to accept that there is something we are missing and come together as a body and begin to search the ancient secrets. Men who had control over territories, look at Joshua who stood upon a city and commanded the sun to stand still, he changed seasons at will. We need men who will take charge of territories, who will stand and speak. How many of us will agree that there are things we have to know in the Spirit, that there are certain realities we have to understand?

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