The Holy Spirit revealed -part 2

Holy Spirit
The proof that you know the Holy Spirit is that you submit your will for His characteristics to begin to find expression in and through you.

We talk a lot about the fatherhood of God, but the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit, most believers have almost no idea about the person of the Holy Spirit. Who, then is the Holy Spirit? Why is He so important that Jesus walked upon the face of the earth, never was able to do any serious kingdom work, until the Holy Spirit came. Who is person of the Holy Spirit that the saints of the old spoke about. Although they did not know Him, they could not resist His influence in their lives. When He came upon them, they could not know who He was. They only related to Him based on His influence on them. Let’s take note, the Holy Spirit is not a dove, the Holy Spirit is not candles with fire on it, He is not anointing oil, He is not water, He is not wind, He is not sound, all these things are similitude of His operations, but not Him. Read The Holy Spirit revealed -part 1. Let’s now know who the Holy Spirit is:

1. The Holy Spirit is God, He is not like God, He is not a friend of God, He is God. Every description in terms of honor and acknowledgment and power and might you give to God the Father, it suffices to communicate the same description to the Holy Spirit. Now, the difference in the trinity is not the power and the might, but it is the system of their functions and operations. It is based on this that we classify the Father as number one, the Son, Jesus as number two and the Holy Spirit as number three. The Holy Spirit is God in every way, in every system, deserving of worship, honor and trust.

2. The Holy Spirit represents the limited presence of Jesus. Benny Hinn calls Him, “Jesus unlimited”. When Jesus walked upon the earth, He was bound with a body and could not be everywhere at the same time, it is the Holy Spirit who makes it possible for every believer to receive Christ. In (John 14:16-18), we get to know Jesus speaking of the Holy Spirit and says the world cannot receive Him because it seeth Him not. One reason why the carnal man cannot walk with the Holy Spirit is because he seeth Him not. Now the social media has taught us that there is a possibility of relating to a person you have not seen, and from his or her expression, you can know the mood, yet you have not met him or her. Another reason is because the carnal man knoweth Him not, meaning you cannot encounter Him the way you encounter physical men, because this is a spiritual encounter.

3. The Holy Spirit is the wisdom of God, He is not wise, He is really the wisdom of God.

4. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of the presence and the power of God. It is the Holy Spirit who makes the power of God real to men. Without the Holy Spirit, no matter how many miracles you see, it cannot change you. In the old testament, they saw miracles, yet, they were not converted, in the new testament, the saw the miracles Jesus performed, yet they doubted Him. When Jesus appeared to His disciples, some still doubted because they had not yet received the Holy Spirit. Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, there is no conviction, no change, no transformation.

5. The Holy Spirit is the author of the scripture. You are a hypocrite if you try to read His book and ignore Him.(2 Peter 1:21 and 2 Timothy 3:16). There is no man who wrote out of their will, it takes more than the willingness to write this, there must be a personality and an influence, a compelling force. Ninety percent of the people who were used to write the Bible were illiterates, so how was the details of the character of God so captured with minimal error? Inspite of their personalities, some of them never met themselves, but see the consistency of their communication. Men of God hold this book and never know the author, they preach and write books with reference to the Bible and never give credit to the author.

Finally, the starting point of your walk with God and the first thing the Holy Spirit wants to achieve in your life when He comes to you is fellowship. Partnership is a product of fellowship. There are many people who want partnership, but do not want fellowship. Partnership means to walk with the Holy Spirit, but the starting point of our walk with Him is fellowship. Unfortunately, most of our prayers are largely prayers directed towards our needs, warfare, but very little of it is a system built for fellowship. Many people know of His power, but do not know Him. The ultimate ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life is not to speak to you, it is that you and Him will be intertwined that you become an expression of His reality, the same way He is a reality of the kingdom of heaven. He does not belong to the Pentecostal, He does not belong to those who speak English and can read King James Bible. We have ignored Him and He has watched us like a gentleman, in our pride and confusion. Let’s take note, that you cast out demons, is not a sign that you know Him, you might have the anointing, the disciples knew Him not, but casted out devils when Jesus sent them out.

The proof that you know the Holy Spirit is that you submit your will for His characteristics to begin to find expression in and through you. You can be born again, but you might not know Him. The person of the Holy Spirit is the mystery that turned a stammerer like Benny Hinn to become a world renowned figure. You know the Holy Spirit when you can truely prove His reality.

Read The Holy Spirit revealed -part 1 and My Encounter with the Helper

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