A throne is a symbol of royalty,   power, greatness, honor, just to mention a few. To be enthroned means getting a person to their next phase of greatness and honor, thus one must be seen to be worthy of such promotion.

Using a Great Woman of God, Esther, and her journey to the throne as a case study for this article. (Esther 2).
Esther, an orphan, as described in the book of Esther was brought to Babylon together with her Uncle Mordechai and some Israelites.
One may ask, how then did Esther, a captive and in a foreign land end up as a queen to the great King Xerxes? Let’s travel through this wonderful journey.

The Book of Esther makes it clear that Esther was obedient and heeded to instructions. Esther before going to the palace took strict instructions from her Uncle Mordechai not to reveal who she was, that is, where she hails from because it was not the right time.

One may ask, why did Mordechai, a man who understood and served God ask his niece to keep mute over her identity?
The answer is Mordechai understood and knew God as a God of times and seasons, knowing well there were and still are times to be silent, and times to talk, times to sow, and reap, therefore he counseled his niece as such and she obeyed.

Esther, on reaching the palace was placed under Hegai’s care together with the other women. Esther being humble carried herself as such and pleased Hegai, thus winning his affection and favor. Hegai then assigned maids unto Esther and gave her the best chambers for the beautification process that was for a year.

Another question here is why did Hegai favor Esther out of the lot? The answer is the favor of God and how she carried herself. The favor of God makes the impossible possible, and this can be seen also in the life of David, Gideon, Joseph among others, therefore as a believer, pray for the favor of God for the Bible says the blessings of the Lord maketh a man prosper and it addeth no sorrow. The Bible admonishes Christians “to seek and we shall find”.

Another way to obtain favor is to sow into the lives of people you see yourself in. For example, If you want to be a Pastor, start honoring Pastors around you, if you wish to be a mother, honor mothers around you. You only reap what you sow. This is proven in the life of David, where he served King Saul almost to the detriment of his life, what happened? He became King at the appointed time of God and had around him great and loyal men like.

Esther had to be equipped before meeting the King. For a year she used myrrh and oil. What are you using to prepare yourself?
The Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing and study to show ourselves approved, this is our secret as believers. We enjoy the blessings and favor of the throne through prayers and submitting to God and His will regardless of the happenings around us.

We must develop our spiritual life and our physical life. We will be addressed by how we dress, we must, therefore, be well-groomed and exhibit a great sense of knowledge in how we carry ourselves as believers. Let keep our bodies and everything that pertains to us healthy and decent, for the Bible addresses us as the temple of God.

Ever wondered how Esther won the heart of the King? This was possible because she sought knowledge from the people who had been with the King. Whiles the other ladies were busy depending on their own knowledge, Esther followed and submitted to the knowledge of her leader and someone who has been in the palace and knew the King.

Therefore when it got to her turn to see the king, she submitted to only the things Hegai advised her to and she did win. Wow! what a great student. Therefore Strive to acquire knowledge in everything, be it in business, career, marriage, raising kids, ministry, etc.

Read, listen to audios and watch videos, etc and expand on anything you set your heart to, and with Christ in the boat, you will smile at the storm for He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Written by Barbara Donkor

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