The Holy Spirit is the third person in the God-head and He has being sent on earth to help the sons and daughters of God. The Holy Spirit reveals Himself in the believer in these two forms;
1. The gifts of the Holy Spirit which is the power and anointing of God.
2. The fruit of the Holy Spirit which is the character of God.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit is a gift given freely to believers by God. The gifts displays the revelation and power available to bless and edify the believer and others.
1 Corinthians 12:7-11

1. The word of wisdom
It is the supernatural application of knowledge with skill and cleverness. This is different from general wisdom, this one comes in a form of a word at a particular time and for a specific purpose.
Example; Solomon and the prostitutes 1Kings 3:17-28, Disciples and the widows Acts 6:1-7

2. The word of knowledge
It is the supernatural revelation of facts of the past, present or future. This also comes in a form of a word at a particular time and for a specific purpose. This knowledge is not learnt through the effort of the natural mind but by the Spirit of God.
Examples; Peter and Ananias Acts 5:3-4, Samuel and Israel 1 Samuel 10:17-22

3. The gift of discerning of Spirit
This gifts enables the believer to know what spirit is operating in a person or an area (whether it is the spirit of God or the devil).
Example; Paul and the sorcerer Acts 13:6-11, Acts 16:16-18

4. The gift of prophecy
It is the ability to communicate an immediate message of God to His people (either to an individual or a group). The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Christ, Revelation 19:10.

5. The gifts of tongues
It is the ability to speak to others and/or to God in a language never learnt by the believer.
Example; the disciples Acts 2:6-11

6. The gifts of interpretation of tongues

It is the ability to understand and interpret tongues (languages) by divine inspiration.

7. The gift of faith.

It is the ability to have strong confidence which arises in the believer when faced with a specific situation or need.

8. The gift of healings
It is the ability to cure or heal the sick (physical, spiritual and emotional) by divine enablement.

9. The gift of the working of miracles
It is the ability to change general known principles and laws of nature.

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    […] 2 Peter 1:5-9 In the church and as believers, we are not supposed to live by just the anointing (the gift of the Holy Spirit) and not reveal the character of God (the fruit of the Spirit) or reveal His character and not […]

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