What God requires of us in this Season.

The world has been hit with the novel coronavirus which started on a low note in Wuhan China, but has now spread across most nations in this world, with a total of 135,114 infected, 70,407 recoveries and 4,990 deaths so far.

The world is under the bondage of fear and panic which leads to anxiety and torment. People are living in the state of anxiety and torment day and night.

The news we hear daily is about coronavirus and its devastating effects on lives. Normal media and social media keeps churning out news on covid 19. Christians have also joined in spreading news that will put fear in people instead of giving hope and educating people on how to prevent it.

Beloved, it may be true but God our heavenly Father is expecting better from us. We are the source of hope to the depressing world. We are the light and salt of the earth. We are called to give life and hope to our world.

Let’s pray for our world to see the light and to come to knowledge of our lord Jesus. It is in Him that they will find peace and hope. We are hopeful and secure as we abide in Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Let’s use our social media handles to share our faith, and messages of hope instead of using it to spread news that will keep people in the state anxiety and fear.

By these we make our world a safer place to live in. Let’s not be shaken by the bad news we hear or see, but let’s live in faith and not in fear as we do that which we have ask to do to avoid the virus.

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