What is Election: The Christian point of view.

When we study the Bible, we must know how to apply it in our context and dispensation. For instance, the people in the Bible functioned under theocracy and monarchy, but we live under democracy in our dispensation. For this reason, we cannot draw direct references from the Bible because how they appointed leaders were different.

In a theocracy, the power is in God. In a monarchy, the power is in the king, and in democracy, the power resides in the people. In a democracy, a leader can only have power when the people surrender their power to him/her through a vote.

In a theocracy, the will of God rules but in democracy, the will of the people rule.  The will of the people and the will of God are not always one. The voice of the people is not always the voice of God. The majority is not always right, the majority can be wrong.

When we read the Bible, we will realize that the will of God and the will of the people are not always one. Israel as a nation had a covenant with God and did not elect kings but ordained kings. In other words, the kings of Israel were called and chosen by God. Samuel did not need an election to anoint Saul and David.


In our dispensation, political leaders are not chosen by God but elected by the people. In a democracy, the will of the people is upheld. In a democracy, God does not elect leaders but the people do and God recognizes whoever was elected as the leader. God may not approve of it but will recognize the leader because He respects the will of the people.

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