What is the ABC of salvation

Hello friends,
I’m sure that you have come across the word salvation. But what does it really mean?
  Many religious groups have many things to talk about, but none except Christianity talks about salvation.

The whole world craves for something to the effect that people want to always submit to a person, a belief system or a deity. This is because, humans have a sense of insecurity even though they may have all that they require in this world.(notice people joining cults and cliques for one thing or the other).
The truth is that all men need salvation, which is the end of so many questions.

The word salvation means, redemption, deliverance from danger, safety, restoration and healing,or snatching from evil. The only thing that is left for the world which is sin full is judgment. And it’s only a sacrifice by death that could avert this damnation.

The problem in this world is that, life is too short for anyone to risk it for others. But when all hope was gone, God the creator of the whole world came down to the earth as man just to save mankind, born under the law to redeem all under the law. God has and is still offering this free gift of salvation, where go get rest for your soul,here on Earth and the world to come.

John 3:16-19 gives us the choice to make, life eternal by believing God or judgement by choosing to do otherwise. All you have to do is;
A- accept that you are a sinner without God
B- believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son, and died for your son’s.
C- confess with your mouth the lordship of Christ in your life.

By simply inviting him to live in your heart, you are saved, hallelujah. Look for a good Bible believing Church and be a part of the family of Christ. First download a Bible on your phone and get a hard copy of the Bible as well to start this journey to greatness. congratulations!

By Ernest Twum-Barimah

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