What is Worship

As a young Christian “worship”  had just one meaning, and it is the slow song that the choir sings during congregational service. This was what I was made to believe until I stumbled upon the truth in God’s Word.
Worship is the act of attributing reverential honor and homage to God.
True worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of love and devotion to God.
This means the priority I placed on who God in my life and where God is on my list of priorities. My lifestyle must express the beauty of God through an extravagant love for God through many acts and devotion to Him.

When we worship our God, he will inspect our heart first.
True worship is not measured by emotional responses or about the style of music, but by a change in the life of the worshipper and our spirit fellowshipping with God’s Spirit within us to rise to the Lord Jesus. John 4:23-24

As Louie Giglo of the Choice Ministries and Passion Conference said “worship is our response, both personal and corporate to God for Who He is and not what He has done, express in and by the things we say and the life we live.”

Expressions of worship should not be limited to church buildings. Anywhere and anytime that we think, speak, or act, we can also worship. Worship is something that needs to go beyond our corporate gathering times.

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