Marriage is one aspect of a person’s life, our whole being is not about getting married. Other aspects of our life is as equally important.

When we fail to balance our life, we loose focus on who we are and what we are made up of. We tend to prepare for everything that pertains to life and live marriage out of the picture. We don’t plan for the life of marriage but make adequate plans for the marriage ceremony which just last for a day. We knew of our wedding colours, number of brides maid, our designs and where to go for our honeymoon when we where young, but have no knowledge about how to make a home and sustain our marriage.

Parents don’t train their children for marriage but would spend thousands of money to train them for careers. The focus is not about sustaining the marriage but about the ceremony which unites both in marriage.

The best marriage ceremony does not necessarily lead to success in marriage. Movies has now become our yardstick for marriage. What we read in storybooks is now determining our expectations. The bed of roses, the candlelight, the kisses and sex attached to the scenes to make it exciting for our viewing and excite our intelligence. The drama of a young lady calling her guy out of a moving bus. The artistic work of a heartbeat added because he is meeting this lady for the first time.

Marriage goes beyond all these. The foundations of marriage begin shake when the realities of life which the mind has not been train to accept finds it way in.

As young as I am, I have witnessed marriages breaking up because one person refused to compromise, one person refused to play his or her and the list goes on.

Understanding each others view is missing in marriages. The understanding of men is different from women and this is what we fail to see and learn. Men want the women to understand them as their male friends do and the other way round.

Our marriages will not work if we fail to apply wisdom. Let’s wake up from our sleep and slumber to the realities in marriage. There is no marriage without a single challenge, but how handle it will determine the strength in our marriage.

Turn to God and his manual on marriage and receive grace to help you in time of need.

It is possible to enjoy a lasting marriage and the good fruits in it. Wake up to reality.

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