What Mentorship means

To become what you want to be, you need someone who will teach and guide you on your way to become what you want to be. You need someone who will share his life experiences concerning your future career and what you want to be. A person who will share his success and his/her failures with you in order to walk on the right path to success and about some deadly to traps positioned in your way to fulfilling your dreams.

This person can be said to be a mentor. A mentor is a person who is trusted to counsel, guide and teach. One who is prepared to share not only to share his knowledge but also life experiences.

Mentoring is a very valuable process by which young people are trained or coached to become adequate in different fields of ambition. For instance, before young professionals are released to start on their own, experienced professionals in their field of study for years coach and mentor them.

Bible Chronicles countless records of mentoring bonds that groomed, taught and guided people to become what they want to be.
Some examples of mentoring relationships in the are;
Moses and Joshua
Ruth and Naomi
Elijah and Elisha

The mistake young people make normally, is to go around pursuing mentors who have money, fame and are well to do with the purpose of asking money or sponsorship.
If you have such a motive, you will not learn from their experiences and knowledge.

The purpose of going through mentorship is to acquire untapped knowledge and experiences in people ahead in life.

You can build a mentoring relationship by;
Physically reaching out to the mentor or mentee.
Reading books, biography and other materials from the one you consider a mentor.
Understudying the mentor from afar by his watching videos and listening to his/her tapes

In our quest to become what we want to be, we must understand that mentoring is a vital and indispensable tool.

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