The Women of old

Women of old

The Holy Bible one great book that have span years, generations, ages, season and times, but still very relevant even in this 21st century.
The Holy Bible tells of great women who sacrificed and became profitable daughters to God, their family and society.
So I ask, are you being profitable as a woman? Are you living a purposeful life?
Let’s study the life of a number of these women who honored the call of God on their lives.
Miriam became a strong pillar for Moses and Aaron on the journey of rescuing the Israelite from Egypt and leading them to the promised land.
Bible records that after the Lord crushed Pharaoh and his chariot into the red sea, Miriam led the women of Isreal to praise and honour God,thus encouraging and affirming to them that God was with them.
It can been seen that the women of Isreal looked up to Miriam,she was their leader and role model,who is looking up to you and how are you leading them?
Then Deborah, a prophetess of God,at a time in Isreal, when they were being oppressed by Jabin the King of Canaan, under which the great Captain Sisera served, she arose and encouraged the Barack to fight because everyone was afraid.
Deborah believed in the word of God she received that there will be victory for the Isreal even in that difficult time and encouraged the men to fight and indeed they conquered their foes. Judges 4:1-16
Do you believe in God’s word even in difficult times and follow it?
Let’s also study Hannah, the mother of the great prophet Samuel.
Hannah believed in God so much so that at Shiloh, after going through the normal rites with the family, she separated herself and sacrificed her happiness and prayed from her hearts to God believing He was the only answer to her prayers.
She also did a very significant thing that we as Christians must take a leaf from, she vowed to the God in a place of prayer, which she honored.
So we can see Hannah did three things, she separated herself ,prayed and made a vow, and God did step in her case and answered her. 1Sam 1:13-28, Jer 33:3
Can we ever forget Queen Esther? The woman who listened to good counsel from Mordechai and Hegai who was in charge of the ladies in the palace and eventually became the Queen.
Esther after becoming the Queen came to the rescue of the Israelites by forgoing her comfort at the palace and fasting together with her maids and the Israelites. So even in the place of comfort, Esther sought to remember her background and sacrificed.

“A woman is like a tea bag, you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.
Let’s strive and pray to be women of wisdom like Abigail, the wife of Nabal who saved her home instead of tearing it down. With our strength, we can save and build homes, communities, nations and the world at large. Let’s not be okay with how culture and the world is defining us. When we start shinning in own corners, the world will turn it’s attention on us and our impact will recorded in history. A shinning star can never be hidden. All these women had their weaknesses, but they never concentrated on that, but rather turned that into strength and history will always have a place for them in it’s records.

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