World at war, a call to all believers.

Our world is at war with its greatest enemy. This enemy has been around even before the fall of man. He is very canning and divisive in nature. His goal is to steal, kill and destroy. He is the author of death.

The world has been hit by one of its weapons, and by that he seem to be getting much ground. People are now drowned in fear because of the seemly potency of its weapon.

The body of Christ who carries life in abandance seem to be comfortable and look on unconcerned about the snaky, yet the body of Christ carries in herself the answers to neutralize the devastating effect of the enemy.

The world is deeply searching and in need of solution and answers to the effects of this weapon. It’s time to rise and point the world to the answer.
We can’t sit unconcern and think we are okay. Many lives have been taken, people who might not have even heard about love of God. This is not how the earth was created. We blame the first man for willingly handing over his dominion to the enemy. But it seems we are repeating the same mistake the first man did. We are not exercising our dominion mandate over the earth.

Let’s preserve our world believers, we carry in us the solution. We can win the heart of men like Elijah when he stood against the false prophets of Baal and demonstrated the power of God. We have not been given the spirit of fear. Let us not join the path of fear which leads to total shut down of our human abilities. In challenges comes innovation. We either innovate or die.

The world health organization has declared the effects of this weapon as an epidemic. Its time to put our priestly and royal garments on, and march to war. Let us fight from the place of the victory we received in Christ.
The battle line is drawn and the war drums are sounding loud. Let us take back our world from the hands of the enemy.

God loved this world and will continue to love it, this is why He gave His only begotten Son, that through Him the world might be saved.

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